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About the Admin of www.long-gone.blog.cz, Riiisa

>> The Admin is a normal girl from England. She grew up in SK (Slovakia), in Europe. When she was eleven, she with her family moved to England for better life (in 2011). The other reason was to reunite the family, because her father lived in England from 2005/2006 (or sooner). To start with she only knew casual words like; hello, yes, no, school, room, when… She begin as a shy girl that was always saying 'I can't speak English.' all the time. It took her seven months (from September to February) to learn proper English. Currently she has been living in England for two years and five months. (This has been written on 27th of December).

>> Her hobbies; She is really good at art. She loves creating things in PS and loves even more spending time with her friends. At first she is shy and not much into talking, but when you get to know her she is much rather chatty, not holding anything inside her and quiet open to people. She isn't very good at organizing, she doesn't like cleaning up but if she has to do it then she does it up to a point.

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