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About the Blog - Long Gone
The blog in about: music, anime, fantasy + graphic. You must read the rules before you start exploring this page for your safety. The blog started its progress on the 26th of December, and it could still be in progress now. If you find any bugs on this page it would be really helpful if you would write a comment about it in the article AMQ. Thank you.

>> Graphic
The admin of the blog makes its own graphic products; she doesn't copies from other sides. She only uses her drawings for inspiration. She is still a beginner that's why the things she makes aren't good as much as others. If you want to use some of her products read the Copy-Right Rules first.

>> Anime
With the anime reviews it is the same, the anime/manga is judged by the admin. If you have a different opinion then just comment your rating. With the anime/manga there will always be a age rating. But the main age rating that the blog will be concentrating is 12 or below.

>> Links
If you find a label that doesn't have a link on it then don't get confused. It isn't a bug. It just means that the admin didn't had time to make that link yet.

>> Updates
Updates are articles that the admin writes when she wants to share some news with the page's visitors. Updates may come every day, every two days or only one a week. It all depends on the admins time and her willing spirit.

>> Affiliates/SB
This blog doesn't have AFFS or SB. It only has favourites. Favourites are blogs/webpages that the admin likes to visit or knows the admin very well. You can't get in the section just because you want to. It is the admin who chooses the blogs.


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1 Team Somerhalder - Wesley | Web | 27. december 2012 at 13:28 | React

Ahoj srdečně tě zvu na zapojení do soutěže zvané Vánoční a Novoroční soutěž (název nic moc já vím :-) ) http://somerhalder-wesley.blog.cz/1212/vanocni-a-novorocni-souteze-druhe-kolo

Předem Děkuji.

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