Comment Rules

13. december 2012 at 19:56 | ~ Riiisa ~ |  a

>> When you are writing a comment you can write in any language from the following:
English, Czech (Cesky), Slovakian (Slovensky), Hungarian (Magyarul), Japan, American, German, French or Spanish.

>> All comments have to be written in full words, don't make them shorter. (For example 'I don't know' = idk). Spelling doesn't matter, but be aware that anyone can read your comment not just the admin. But only the admin can see your ID number.

>> Use suitable language. Do not swear at anyone or at anyone's opinion. Comments like that will be deleted, and if the person does it again then their chance of commenting will be taken for 7 days (1 week).

>> Never paste any and I mean ANY links to other websites or online games in comments. Comments like that will be ignored and in the worse situation deleted. You can post these links in AMQ.

>> Be avare that there are people from other countries visiting this page and commenting. They have rights to write in their language. If you are really interested in what they have written then go to google translate.

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