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What is the game My Candy Love?
My Candy Love is a game were you create a fiction character (can only be a girl) and you go in a school and meet lot of boys. The boys are not real they are designed to answer and talk to you. You get opinions of your answers. If you choose the right answer your love meter rises but if you choose the wrong one it will go lower and it can even go into minus. As you reach greater episodes the game will get harder and harder. Each day you get 10 action points and 10 dollars. If you want to move around the school you must have some, because each movement will cause you 2 action points. If you ran out of Aps then you will have to wait until the next day or buy some. There is about I think 100 Aps for the starters. If you are interested then visit the page and try the demo. Click here to do the demo.

I have gone on a date but I didn't go with the boy I wanted to go, why is that?
You will always go on a date with the guy you have the most positive points in the game. To get more points with the boy you like you could try click the right answers with him or be more mean to the other guys (doesn't pays off that much).

I missed my date in my current episode. Why did that happen and what can I do about it?
In some cases you will have to choose between two dresses. If you choose the wrong outfit then you will miss your date. You can make that right by replaying the episode. But be aware that if you replay an episode you will have to play the whole thing, you will not get back your Aps or dollars that you have spent. And you will lose all your progress from that episode have and will only the things you had before you did the episode. (You will lose the points you gain, accessories, outfits and illustrations).


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