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>> How can I write a comment?
You find the box with the title 'New Comment'. Fill in the your *nickname and the other information. Then just click comment.

>> What is anime/manga?
If you don't know what anime or manga you should research it in google and find out more online. Little Help: Try to not get the answer from Wikipedia.

>> Where can I post my advert/message/question?
All of your adverts/messages/questions should be posted in the AMQ. The ones that are not posted there will be ignored and in the worse deleted.

>> Who is the Admin?
The Admin is the person who adds all the articles. She (it's a female) calls herself Riiisa. You can read more about her here or in her artticles under name 'Updates'.

>> If you have anymore questions then write them in the comments. Help service will be proveded as soon as it will be possible. :)

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Where are most of the clicks?

Here :)
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