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This is the article which is only about me, the admin.
Just few things about me: I don't swear, I'm mostly positive, I don't get into fights, I don't do wrong things, I'm a walking hope bag, just because I say no doesn't mean I am scared and I am the admin of this little blog.

Brown hair with blond highlights, glasses, green or blue eyes (everyone says different) and about 167cm tall.

I would say I'm a quiet nice person who can get angry about the tinniest thing. I can be random and hyper. I am really easily distracted. I love food. I'm good at art and I'm hoping I can continue doing it in the future. I am a happy person. I am naïve, smart, weak and creative. I've gone through a lot before in my childhood. I try to be an understanding person who is there for her friends. I try not to judge people.

Art, Internet, Graphics, Making stuff, The Sims 3, Online games, Photography, Cooking and Listening to Music.

Any Questions?

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