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Do you have any problems in your life? Situations you are not sure about? Problems with Friends or Family? Share your story with me/us!

Few things to remember:
• In the comments below, use a random name like: Flowers89, PoolBear457, 20145KS, Anonymous, LoverPerson72, LoyalDog167 or something that won't give away your real identity.
• Don't fill in the part about your e-mail or web/blog in the comments.
• Don't mention names of people, places or any description of them like: green eyes, black hair…
• Use names like she/her or he/him. Like this: 'He (my friend) stood up and looked at him (my crush)'.
• Don't mention time as in 15:25. Just say in the afternoon.
• Don't be afraid to describe how you need help and write how you feel.
• You can simply just ask a question if it's too much for you to describe it. A question like: Is it bad that I have this urge to cheat on my boyfriend/girlfriend?

/!\ I am not as good with Relationship advice

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